Scientific Program

We would like to warmly invite you to the 2022 EAED Closed Meeting. A meeting which has the focus on how a successful interdisciplinary team functions.

Corresponding to this, the title of the Closed meeting is:

“Leading Teams – predictable esthetics through interdisciplinary collaboration.“

One EAED-related team, the team around our highly valued active member Tidu Mankoo was invited to share with us the secret recipe of a fruitful, successful interdisciplinary collaboration. The team will include Tidu’s highly competent expert partners like the orthodontist Telmo Iceta and the dental technician brothers Luc and Patrick Rutten. 

The first day will focus on the Ortho – Restorative Collaboration in the “Interdisciplinary Management of Complex Aesthetic and Restorative Dilemmas”. The lecture will be structures in 3 sections:

  • Compromised structure
  • Compromised soft tissue aesthetics
  • Compromised periodontally

The aim of the team is to share how they manage these types of cases. Furthermore, the team will share with some of the out-of-the-box thinking they utilise.

The second day of this closed meeting will focus on “A Team Approach to solve Aesthetic and Restorative Challenges”. During this second closed meeting session the team will focus on:

  • their concepts for management of restoration of teeth and implants
  • the collaboration between the clinical and technical side
  • how they use digital/analog technology and where they see that going
  • material selection and restorative management

All in all, this closed meeting promises to be a highlight, with lots of important valuable information for the daily clinical practice, and we are truly looking forward to hosting Tidu Mankoo and his team for this event.

Three competent and renowned discussors, Nicola Pietrobon, Gerd Körner and Massimo Fuzzi, will raise all important questions and summarise all relevant answers during the days of the meeting. 

As ever the submitted essays by the lecturers, along with the brainstorming intervention of the Academy Members during the Discussion Sessions of both days, and the Consensus Conclusions formulated by the Moderators will be included in the manuscript of the meeting’s Proceedings, to be published in the Spring issue of the IJED.

We hope that you will feel as we do, and that you will all come to Corfu to enjoy these two days of learning but also sharing friendship among us!

On behalf of the EAED and its Closed Meeting organising team,

Prof. Irena Sailer
Scientific Chair

Dress code: Smart Casual 

The EAED Closed Meeting will take place in Corfu Imperial Hotel